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  • Asthma
    • Risk Factors
      • Family History of asthma, eczema, food allergies or hay fever.
      • Having bronchiolitis as a child
      • Smoking during pregnancy
      • Premature Birth
      • Low birth weight
    • Symptoms
      • Tightness in the chest
      • Wheezing or whistling noise in the chest
      • Coughing
      • Difficulty breathing
    • Treatments
      • Reliever inhaler
        • These are medicines taken immediately to relieve asthma symptoms. They quickly relax the muscles surrounding the narrowed airways
      • Preventer inhaler
        • These control swelling and inflammation in the airways, stopping them from being so sensitive and reducing the risk of severe attacks
      • Steroids
        • These work quickly to help calm the inflamed airways. Short courses of these are used to treat acute asthma attacks.
      • Nebulisers
        • This is a machine that creates a mist of medicine, which is then breathed in through a mask or a mouthpiece.


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