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  • Asthma
    • What is it?
      • A common respiratory condition caused by the inflammation of the bronchi.
    • Symptoms
      • breathlessness
      • tight chest
      • wheezing
      • coughing
      • Asthma attacks
    • Causes
      • family history of asthma
      • bronchitis as a child
      • exposure to tobacco as a child
      • premature birth
    • Management
      • regular visits to GP to check that asthma is under control and that treatment is right for you
        • peak flow
          • measures the amount of air you breathe out
        • spirometry
          • measures the volume of air you breathe out in one second
      • inhalers
        • reliever inhalers
        • preventer inhalers
      • occasional use of oral steroids
      • stop smoking
      • yearly flu jab - flu is likely to trigger an attack and so needs to be prevented
    • Impacts on the client
      • Physically
        • less able to take part in physical activity
      • Intellectually
        • become more aware of asthma
        • increased knowledge of asthma and its symptoms
      • Emotionally
        • fear/stress
        • embarrassment
      • Socially
        • causing worry to family and friends
        • may tend to avoid social events that require physical activity or involve being outspoken
      • Financially
        • Taking time off work for regular check ups - lose some of their wage
    • Triggers
      • chest infections
      • weather conditions - a sudden change in temperature and cold air
      • exercise
      • emotional factors - crying or laughing


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