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Social and Moral reforms

"Gently bringing on childbirth aright in fullness" - shows the importance of childbirth emphasised by Augustus' marriage reforms

"protect mothers" - as the law intended to do, as well as intending to reward them

"prosper the marriage law" - a direct link as propaganda for Augustus, telling the people to love the new laws, follow and obey them!

"Their temples, their crumbling shrines" - Rome's state of disrepair, particularly within the religious sector, only to be brought back to life futher on showing Augustus' piety and love for the Gods

"Back the ancient ways" - Augustus bringing back the ancient ways when everything was great, before Rome's standards were slipping (through the Social and Moral reforms)

"Having first prayed to the gods in proper form" - Praying is now more important with the Religious reforms


Gives a brief history to Rome, particularly its leaders - points out that Augustus has a divine heritage, leading back to Venus and Aeneas. Horace then links Venus with…


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