Spartan Political System- KINGS

Agidae (superior) and Eurypontidae
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Fifth descendants of...?
Heracles. From the twins Eurysthenes and Procles.
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Exempt from...?
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RELIGIOUS: sacrifices, Oracles at Delphi. JUDICIAL. MILITARY: 'glorifed generalship'- Aristotle.
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Had two...?
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Had prerogative to...?
Wage war on any state, cannot be stopped- Herodotus, Histories 6.5
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For war...?
Go first, return last. Sacrifice as much as they wanted beforehand- Histories 6.5
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Body guard of...?
100 hand picked Spartans- Histories 6.5
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Sacrifice performed at public expense...?
First to sit down, first to eat.
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At meals they are given...?
Double portions- Histories 6.5 and Xenophon S.Society 15
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At contests...?
Front row seats.
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Have authority to appoint...?
Proxenoi (like Cimon), and two Pythii (members of the king's Mess)
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Act as judge if...?
There are marriage disputes, discussions on public roads, and adoptions. Histories 6.5
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In Court meetings...?
Elders closest to Kings: 2 votes for them, and 1 for self.
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After death...?
Horsemen carry news throughout Laconia, and in every city, women beat cauldrons and Helots beat themselves
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A new king...?
"Forgives the debt of every Spartan who owes anything to the king or state” -Herodotus Histories 6.5
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Xenophon's Spartan Constitution 13+15...?
"When a king is leading, no body goes in front of him." "Should perform all public sacrifices" "lead the army."
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Less power...Herodotus' Histories 6.72...?
Leotychidas caught "sitting on a glove full of money"- he "accepted a large bribe" "exiled"- not as powerful/upright as decreed.
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Kleomenes, more power...?
Had overseen many appointments of much of the Gerousia. So in 495 when put on trial before Gerousia and Ephors for treason, he was acquitted.
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Fifth descendants of...?


Heracles. From the twins Eurysthenes and Procles.

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Exempt from...?


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Had two...?


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