IVF Treatment

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  • Artificial Control of Fertility
    • Oral Contraceptive(pill)
      • Controls fertility
      • The pill contains female hormones (oestrogen) which effects ovaries which prevents egg release. The pill inhibits FSH production so eggs are not allowed to mature. So woman cannot be preg.
    • Anyone who takes the pill must take it on a regular basis as the levels of artificial hormone will drop and body hormones can quickly take over.
    • Some families cannot have children as they may have a lack of female hormones. luckily artificial FSH can be used as a fertility treatment
      • It stimulates egg in ovary to mature and also stimulates oestrogen production.
    • IVF Treatments
      • Conception takes place in fallopian tube.
        • A tube between ovary and womb which egg travels along.
      • If fallopian tubes are damaged, eggs cannot reach womb so women cannot become naturally preg.
      • Doctors can collect ovaries from mother and sperm from father and fertilise them outside the body.
      • Fertilised egg becomes a tiny embryo which are inserted into womb of mother which allows them to bypass faulty tubes.
      • During IVF, A mother is given FSH to make sure as many eggs as possible mature. LH is given at the end of the cycle to make sure eggs are released.
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