Fertility Treatments

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  • Infertility treatments
    • Donation of eggs
      • Women may donate a small number of their eggs (~10) anonymously
      • Eggs used in IVF
    • FSH
      • Stimulates the maturation of eggs
      • May also be given to egg donors
    • In Vitro Fertilisation
      • Eggs removed from the body and fertilised then returned to mother's body
        • Multiple eggs returned (3-4)
          • Because of low success rate
      • Offspring sometimes called test tube babies
      • Expensive and invasive but low risk
      • Quite low success rate
      • Ethical concerns
    • Surrogate mothers
      • Women who agree to become pregnant for, and deliver a baby to, another couple
      • Either a natrual mother or via IVF treatment
      • Different laws apply across the world


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