Exploring the role angels have in Islam

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The meaning and importance of belief in Islamic teaching on angels

Angels in Islam

·         Angels made from light

·         Created to carry out the exact instruction from Allah

·         No free will

·         Number of them is limited

·         Invisible but on special occasion they may appear in human form


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Angels more important

· Izra’il-the angel of death

· Mika’il-the guard in the places of worship

· Israfil-the herald of the day of resurrection

· Munkar and Nakir-question the dead in their grave

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Angles are important

· Vital part in communicating the person bad and good deeds

· Protect while praying

· Certain angels perform certain tasks

· Angels communicate the exact message of Allah to human beings

· Muslims are accompanied by two angels the right one, good deeds and the left one records the bad deeds

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