Aquinas' Natural Law

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  • Aquinas' Natural Law & 5 Primary Precepts
    • Self preservation
      • Abortion could be seen as right in some circumstances, if the life of the mother was in danger
        • On the other hand, abortion could be seen as murder, and is against the preservation of life
    • Continuation of the species through reproduction
      • This would mean that contraception is wrong because it prevents babies from being born
      • Homosexuality would also be wrong, because sex does not result in reproduction
    • Education of children
      • All children should be given an education
      • Children should be taught to respect their elders, and so should be brought up in a loving marriage
    • To live in society
      • Live peacefully without conflict, so love your neighbour, even if they are homosexual
      • It could mean that families should be loving marriages, so divorce is unnatural
    • To worship God
      • Sex before marriage would be seen as wrong, as sex is a gift from God
        • The purpose of the creation of life and expression of love between a married couple
    • Natural Law -  the concept that nature has built-in, absolute moral laws that are self-apparent


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