Deviation from social norms.

Failure to function adequately. (Rosenham & seligmand)

Deviation from ideal mental health. (Johoda ) (Sue et al) summed up.

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Biological Approach to psychopathology: Research


Brown et al: 14% of schizo cases linked to exposure of the feotus to influenza int he first 3 months of pregnancy.

Clive Wearing (case study): Herpes can lead to short term memory and coding of new memories.


Zimbardo: Found in mz twins the concordance rate was 48%, while in dz twins it was 17%, grew up in shared environment.

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Biological approach to psychopathology:


Mann: Found evidence from PET scans that tracked the neorochemical pathways. But not 100% understood.

Brain Damage:

Korsakoff: Related to alcohol abuse and memory disturbances, confusion and apathy.

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Biological therapies to psychopathology: Research

Phineas gage: Metal rod through his head which resulted in major changed in behaviour. He became anti social after.


Kirsch: Found in 38 studies of anti depressant patiends who recieved placebo's, reacted well as if they were taking the real drug.......However the World Health Organisation said people who had placebo's had relap's the following year.


Adam: Found ECT is effectove for some people with schizophrenia p's. Results from 26 studies, over 800 schizophrenia p's responded better to ECT than antipsychotic drugs alone.

Rose: 80% of patients who recieved ECT were satisfied with the decision to have the treatment.




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