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  • anxiety
    • PMR
      • contract / relax muscle through body  release tansias anxiety
        • (1)relaxing night for the game  (2) dont relax before you go on to play the  game
    • imagery
      • (1) picture ball in back of the net. (2)pass success feel the ball.(3) focus easy to do alrad using it
        • X not evryone can do it practici and time to get it right
    • breathing
      • breathing In and out through the nose and out of the mouth. Taking deep breaths in at appropriate moments.
    • drive theory
      • Directed, motivated or energised behaviour that an individual has towards achieving a certain goal
    • state
      • someone's response to a threatening situation, situation relevant
    • trait
      • This is what you are born like, may be anxious at normal situations
    • cognitive
      • mental effects of anxiety, feeling worried, loss of concentration, less confident
    • somatic
      • physical effects of anxiety such as butter flies in the stomach
        • muscle tension breathing rate and increased heart rate


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