Olympic Games

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  • Olympics
    • Berlin 1936
      • Adolf Hitler
      • Aryan Race was superior
      • Jesse Owen was a black athlete who won 4 gold medals and 1 against a german in the long jump who helped him
      • Hitler refused to put the gold medal on his neck and left th stadium
    • Mexico City 1968
      • Discrimination of blacks in America
      • Tommie Smith & John Carlos
      • They each had bare feet and wore a black glove on the podium in the medal ceremony. Black Power Salute.
      • They did this to bring attention to the conditions of blacks in America, the clenched fist shows unity and strength.
      • They were expelled from the games and were stripped of their medals
    • Munich 1972
      • Palestinian terrorists broke into the olympic village
      • Israeli athletes were taken hostage
      • 11 athletes were taken hostage and 2 were killed
      • They took them hostage because they wanted 236 prisoners released from Israeli and German prisons
      • 2 terrorists and a policemen were killed in the rescue attempt
    • Montreal 1976
      • The country was in debt of $1.5 Billion
      • It took them 30 years to pay off the debt
      • 28 Black African countries boycotted the games because the IOC refused to ban New Zealand whose rugby team had toured South Africa
      • South Africa was banned because of it's apartheid policy
      • Apartheid is a policy of separation of groups especially because of race or colour
    • Moscow 1980
      • The Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in 1979
      • The United States and 51 other countries boycotted the games
    • Los Angeles 1984
      • The Soviet Union and 14 other countries boycotted the games
      • Their reason to boycott was concern over safety but the real reason was in retaliation to the US boycott
      • This was the first Olympics to be commercialised and make a profit
      • They made $225 million in profit


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