Utilitarianism to Transplantation

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Transplantation is the removal of a body part from one organism into another.

Types of Transplantations - Live Donor - transplant from a living person, Cadaver Donor - transplant from a dead person, Xenotransplant - from another species (pig, chimp etc).

Live Donor Transplant

Voluntary - wants to help, actively giving up organ for donation. Non Voluntary - state of coma so there is no way to obtain consent. 

Issues with Live Donor Transplant -

One might be pressured into donation by family or economical status, possibility of donor death, organ may not be received - waste of organ, donor may be left in danger of needing donation himself - kidney failure etc. 

Utilitarian Application for Live Donor Transplant - 

Both Bentham & Mill would agree, as its the greatest good for greatest number. If economically motivated, Bentham for - both parties decided it would benefit them, Mill againist- secondary principle - exploit of the poor by rich, human dignity at odds. 


Bentham For if HC states greatest happiness, Mill againist - human dignity + harm principle states that a innocent human being shouldnt be violated.

Cadaver Transplantation 

Who decides if organ removed from dead ? - Organ…


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