Animal Behaviour Studies

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  • Animal Behaviour Studies
    • Ethologists study animal behaviour
    • Tinbergen
      • Studied innate behaviour in gulls
        • Tinbergen wanted to find out whether the red spot on the beak of adult gulls made the chicks peck the beak and get food
          • He showed newly hatched chicks cardboard gull heads with different colour spots
            • He counted the number of times that the chicks pecked the different spots in a given time
              • The chicks pecked at the beaks with red spots most often
                • Conclusion: chicks are born with an instinct to peck at the red spot that helps them find food
    • Lorenz
      • Studied imprinting in geese
        • Took two groups of goose eggs
          • Group 2: Geese were hatched in an incubator with no mother
            • Goose chicks had formed an attachment to the first moving object they saw - Lorenz
    • Fossey and Goodall
      • Fossey: Studied mountain gorillas in Africa
        • Spent time getting close to the apes in their natural habitats
          • Watched animals to see how they behaved and recorded what they saw
            • Gorilla and chimpanzees are social animals - they live in groups
              • Examples of social behaviour:
                • Apes worked together to search for food sources - more food
                • Protected each other from attacks
                • Males in the group had social rank (dominant at the top) - prevented fights
                • Apes groomed each other to keep clean
      • Goodall: Studied chimpanzees in Tanzania


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