AQA Religious Studies - Animal Rights Mindmap

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  • Animal Rights
    • Factual
      • Many believe that animals have a right to be protected from ill-treatment and exploitation in the same way that humans expect to have these rights.
      • Many believe that animals are not as equal as humans.
        • Humans have conscientiousness, which means they can derive right from wrong.
          • Animals should be respected and protected as a part of the natural world.
      • The Law
        • It is an offence to neglect or ill-treat an animal, especially when being transported or slaughtered.
        • Keep specific animals without a licence.
        • Stage the fighting of animals, host a fight or be present at one.
        • Use animals in the research and development of cosmetics.
        • The animal welfare act 2006 sets out laws relating to the well being of animals.
    • Society and animal rights
      • Joining or working for groups which promote animal rights.
      • Taking parts in campaigns
      • Supporting breeding programmes
      • Attending and supporting conferences.
      • Taking part in non-violent protests.
      • Encouraging local projects
      • Many become vegan or vegetarian.
    • Christian Views
      • In genesis, it says "To the lord belongs the earth, and everything on it." Thus, Christians are to believe that everything on Earth belongs to God.
        • If everything on Earth belongs to God, Christians should feel that animals are as equal because they are a part of God.
      • Genesis also says, "Have dominion over the fish in the sea ... "
        • Today, Christians interpret this as having stewardship over God's creation. Thus, they should care for everything on it.
          • God has given humans the right to use animals for survival but they are expected to do so sustainably and humanely. Power and privilege means responsibility.
            • This idea was established in the story of Noah, where God flooded the Earth because he was disappointed with human's use of power.
              • He saved many animals as well as a human family. Thus, showing that animals are as important as humans.
          • Christians also believe in the sanctity of life, which means life is sacred because it has been created by God.
            • Thus, it belongs to God and God has the only right to take it away. Anyone who neglects animals is neglecting God's creation, thus going against God.
      • Some Christians believe that animals are not the same as humans.
        • Most Christians today agree that although humans have dominion over animals, it is a role of responsibility, not privilege.
          • They have an obligation to treat animals respectfully and humanely, as animals are able to suffer and causing suffering is a misuse of freewill.
            • Christian Faith statement 2003 says, "We Christian's are special, but we are only a part of God's story of creation."
        • The Roman Catholic church believes that animals do not have souls, however, some groups believe they do.
      • The Christian Deceleration of nature - Assisi 1986 says - "Every act of human irresponsibility towards creatures is an abomination."


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