The Pigs in Animal Farm - a mindmap resource

Work in progress; aims to provide students with framework to add quotations on top of as well as ways of comparing the different Pigs in the text

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  • 'Animal Farm': the Pigs
    • Napoleon
      • Leadership, deceit, corruption
      • Symbolises Stalin, leader of Soviet Union 1930-1953
      • Cowardly, shrewd, calculating, selfish. Cares more about personal power than rebellion’s ideals. Builds a Totalitarian dictatorship based on terror and lies
    • Snowball
      • Leadership, conflict, education
      • Lively, creative, intelligent; promotes education as important. Political naiveté is no match for Napoleon's cunning
      • Symbolizes Leon Trotsky, exiled 1927; assassinated Mexico 1940
    • Squealer
      • Deceit, propaganda
      • Skilled orator who prioritises comfort above all things; short and fat
        • Molotov; Soviet press and Ministry of Information
    • Minimus
      • Propaganda
        • Poems / songs praising Napoleon; represents controls of the Arts in a Totalitarian state that aims to control what citizens think
    • The younger Pigs
      • Support / dissent; internal conflict
      • Represent the Purges of Stalin's political opponents
      • First protest when Sunday meetings are cancelled; later 'admit' to crime of spying for Snowball. Executed by the Dogs under Napoleon's orders
    • Old Major
      • Origins of the Rebellion, legacy, the past
      • Prize-boar; relatively privileged farm life; offers rules of Animalism as explanation of human exploitation
      • Dies at start of Ch 2; symbolises Karl Marx / author of the Communist Manifesto


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