Animal Farm Chapters


Chapter 1

  • old major shares his dream with the animals
  • it is the first time we hear about what the rules of the rebellion should be
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Chapter 2

  • old major dies
  • animals are neglected acusing the rebellion to occur 
  • the pigs introduce the 7 commandment of animalism
  • the cows are milked and its thought milk will be shared out among the animals equally
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Chapter 3

  • pigs suppervice the animals work
  • animals have meetings and debates - snowball and napoleon disagree
  • pigs get the milk and apples so that they are fit to lead
  • napoleon takes the puppies to teach
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Chapter 4

  • battle of the cowshed takes place
  • Snowball's defence plan works and he fights with the other animals, but Napoleon is not present
  • Jones gun is to be shot on the aniversary 
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Chapter 5

  • Snowball comes up with the idea of a windmill (produces electricity)
  • napoleon disagrees, but snowball gains support, so napoleon releses his dogs on snowball
  • he removes the votes and become a dictator
  • the dogs scare animals into agreement
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Chapter 6

  • animal farm will take part in trade with humans to pay for windmill
  • some pigs objected, but were put down by the dogs
  • windmill makes progress
  • storm destroys windmill, but napoleon claims it was snowball
  • death penalty is decleared on snowball
  • pigs move into farm house
  • comandments have been changed
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Chapter 7

  • food is rationed
  • napoleon tricks Mr Whymper into thinking farm has lots of food
  • animals were killed because they thought about Snowball 
  • chickens were starved to death for refussing to give up their eggs
  • beasts of england is banned
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Chapter 8

  • "no animal shall kill another animal without cause"
  • a song is written to celebrate napoleon
  • napoleon sold wood to fredrick, but was tricked with fake money
  • napoleon sentence fredrick to death
  • fredrick and his men blew up the windmill
  • many animals including boxer were injured 
  • pigs get drunk
  • squealer is caught changing the commandment
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Chapter 9

  • boxer has a bad hoof
  • school house is built for his kids
  • nepoleon is president of Animal farm republic
  • Boxer is injured
  • animals are told he is going to hospital
  • Boxer is killed
  • pigs get money to buy whisky 
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Chapter 10

  • years later
  • napoleon has outlived some of the animals
  • windmill is done and brings in a profit
  • pigs walk on 2 legs
  • 1 commandment left "all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others"
  • pigs wear clothes
  • pigs are like jones at the begining
  • animal farm in now called mannor farm
  • animals cant tell the difference between pigs and humans
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