Russia by 1914

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  • Russia by 1914
    • The Tsar and Political authority
      • He was shy and awkward
        • Not a natural born leader
      • Nicholas wasn't aware of the discontent that was forming
      • He felt like he needed to keep ministers weak
        • In order to preserve his authority
    • The Role of Stolypin
      • He dominated Russian government from July 1906 to September 1911
      • Believed that reform was essential to save Russia's problems
      • Supported the autocracy
        • BUT he wanted reforms
    • The Economy
      • Industrial production grew steadily.
      • By 1914, Russia was World's 4th largest producer of coal, pig-iron and steel
      • Foreign loans became less important
      • Some historians consider that the economy was stabilising
    • Rasputin
      • Gained a reputation as a holy man
      • He became integrated with the royal family in the years before the revolution
      • Usually engaged in drunken parties or carousing with low rent prostitutes
      • He became a bad influence to the royal family
    • Opposition groups
      • The Liberals
        • Favoured moderate reforms and constitutional monarchy
      • The Social Revolutionaries
        • formed 1901
        • Try to organise and improve the position of peasantry from 1860's
        • Lack of discipline
      • The Social Democrats
        • Founded 1898
        • Based on the theory of Karl Marx


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