Causes of WW1

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  • Causes Of WW1
    • Fischer Thesis
      • Weltpolitik - colonial expansion and dominant position in Europe.
      • The Schlieffen Plan - planning for war of aggression.
      • The War Council (1912)- suggests planning for war from 1912.
      • The September Programme (1914)  - clear indication of Germany's desire for expansion and domination.
    • Did Germany Destabilise Peace In Europe before 1914?
      • Antagonising Russia - the Bosnian Crisis (1908), Germany's support for Austrian annexation of Bosnia antagonised Russia.
      • Antagonising France - Moroccan Crisis' (1905-1906 and 1911) - Germany's interference with France's role in Morocco highly irritated the French.
      • Antagonising Britain - The Boer War (1899-1902) and German naval expansion anatagonised Britain.
    • Did German Actions In The Summer Of 1914 Cause War In Europe?
      • Assassination Of Franz Ferdinand - Germany gave full support to Austria and encoraged them to take action against Serbia.
        • the 'blank cheque' - Germany assured Austria of all financial and military support required.
      • July Crisis - declaration of war on Russia by Austria (28th July) followed by declaration of war on Russia by Germany (31st July).
      • The Schlieffen Plan - Germany demanded Belgium let them cross their land, they then declared war on France (3rd August).
    • The Actions Of Others And The European System
      • The Actions Of Others
        • Britain's participation in the naval race with Germany - launch of dreadnought in 1906.
        • France's expansion of her army
        • Russia's decision to mobile her army in July 1914 - led to Germany enacting the Shlieffen Plan.
        • Austria-Hungary annexing Bosnia - created international crisis in 1908. Austria also antagonised Russia and Serbia by threatening them with war.
        • The Balkan Wars destabilised peace in Europe but did not involve Germany.
      • The European System
        • Alliances
          • Triple Alliance - formed in 1882 between Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy.
          • Triple Entente - Britain, France and Russia. Germany saw this alliance as a serious threat.
        • The Arms Race and Imperialism - Britain and Germany's naval race, as well as the build up of France's and Russia's armies.


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