The Conditions of Russia before the Revolution

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  • The conditions before the February Revolution
    • Imperial Russia covered over 8 million miles and the population was full of different races, languages, religions and cultures
    • Tsar was ultimate ruler and had appointed bodies such as Imperial Council
    • Russia was governed by the tsar, Nicholas II
    • Sergei Witte - tried to modernise Russia; Trans-Siberian Railway, brought into the Gold Bank, required large loans from abroad to invest
    • Peter Stolypin - recognised peasants problem; introduced fenced fields and a Land Bank to provide peasants opportunity to buy land
    • 1905-1914 - Russia's urban workers were increasingly unionised, strikes occurred sporadically and increased significantly in the last years of peace
    • 1912 - Bolsheviks founded Pravda and the Mensheviks founded Luch. The police kept them under surveillance, they attempted to close down Pravda 8 times between 1912-1914 but it always re-emerged
    • 80% of the population were peasants
    • October Manifesto was a consequence of the 1905 Revolution, which led to the creation of the legislative Duma
    • 1905 Revolution - 'Bloody Sunday' led by Father Gapon
    • 1904 - 1905 Russo-Japanese War ended in defeat which made Nicholas II and Russia look weak and embarrassing


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