Was Germany Responsible for the outbreak of the First World War?

Mind map overview of the whole of the first contervesy unit - To what extent was Germany Responsible for the Outbreak of the First World War?

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  • Was Germany To Blame For One World War
    • Did Germany have a long term plan for Hegemony?
      • Weltpolitik
      • Schlieffen plan
      • War Council- 1912
      • The September Programme 1914
    • Did Germany Destabalise peace in Europe before 1914?
      • Russia
        • Didn't renew the Reinsurance Treaty
        • Bosnian Crisis of 1908
      • France
        • 1st Moroccan Crisis of 1905
        • 2nd Moroccan Crisis of 1911
      • Britain
        • Support For Boers in the Boer war of 1899-1902
        • Germany Naval Expansion
    • Germans Actions in the Summer of 1914
      • Blank Cheque
      • Declaration of war on Russia following Russian Mobilisation
      • Schlieffen Plan
    • Actions of Others?
      • Britain
        • Participated in the Naval race which provoked Germanys third naval law
      • France
        • Expanded Army, Participated in Arms Race.
      • Russia
        • Mobilisation pushed Schlieffen Plan
      • Austria Hungury
        • created an international crisis with annexing Bosnia in 1908
        • Antagonised Russia and Serbia by threatening war
        • 1914 - Ultimately responsible for the decision to go to war with Serbia
      • Serbia's Black Hand Gang
        • Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
  • Others Responsibility?
    • Alliances - heightened tensions
      • TRIPLE ALLIANCE - 1882- Germany, AH and Italy agreed to support each other in the event of an attack by France or Two or more other powers
      • TRIPLE ENTENTE - Britain, Russian  and France agreements. Wasn't aimed as a threat at Germany but they intepreteted that way. Germnay encircled.
        • 1894- Franco -Russian Agreement A response to the lapse of the reinsurance treaty and the Triple Allience.
        • 1904 - Entente CordialFrance and Britian
        • Angle - Russian Entente of 1907
      • Treaty Of London Longstanding agreement between Belgium and France
    • Arms race and imperialism
      • Aside from Naval race of Germany and Britain. Germany, France and Russia involved in an Arms rcae
        • Army bills of 1912 and 1913 increased  the size of Germanys army by 20%
        • France increased conscription from two to three years
        • Russian wanted to increase army to 500,000 by 1916
      • All nations involved in a number of imperalist projects which increased tensions


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