Egyptian Medicine

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  • Ancient Egyptian Medicine
    • Provided historians with a great deal of knowledge and evidence
      • Evidence about their attitudes towards medicine
      • Medical knowledge that they had
      • Came from numerous papyrus's found in archaeological searches
    • Beliefs based on myths and legends
      • People believed that spiritual beings caused illness
      • A god would also frighten away evil spirits
      • Trephining was a way to get rid of spirits
    • Knowledge was based on increasing knowledge of anatomy
      • Also based on common sense
      • Such as air was important and so was the heart
      • They knew about the different organs
      • Embalming gave them this knowledge
    • Treatment of illness was now carried out by physicians and doctors
      • Some of which were worshiped
      • There were people who were eye specialists
      • One was called guardian of the anus
    • Channel theory
      • River Nile


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