Amino Acids part 1

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  • Amino Acids and proteins
  • Amino acids bond together to form different shaped proteins. (proteins shape affects its function)
  • organic molecule
  • Proteins
  • Amino acids
  • form polypetides
  • important chemical building block
  • store a chemical back bone
    • of  C, H, N, O
    • has a central carbon atom with 4 components attached to it
      • 1 component is the R-GROUP
        • its physical + chemical properties, give each Amino acid, its unique function+ characteristics
        • some are non polar, others are polar
        • some have an electrical charge which means theses Amino acids are attracyed to water molecules
  • about 20 Amino acids exist in nature
  • body contains tens of thousands of proteins
    • stucture
    • support
    • metabolism
    • homeostasis
    • defense against disease
  • peptide
    • compound existing of 2 or more Amino acids
  • peptide bond
    • form when an enzyme causes a dehydration reaction
  • polypeptide
    • long chain of linked Amino acids
  • made of 1 or more polypeptide chains


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