Fungi, bateria and viruses

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  • Classification
      • Only live inside host's cells
      • Have no nucleus
      • They are non-living parasites
      • Contain DNA or RNA and are surrounded by a protein capsule
      • They attach to cell membrane of host cell, release their DNA into host cell and their DNA becomed part of the Host's DNA
      • Unicellular
      • Have no nucleus
      • Have a cell wall imade of murein
      • Some bacteria have a flagellum (use it for movement in fluids)
      • Reproduce by binary fission
    • FUNGI
      • Multicellular
      • Have nuclei and their cell wall is made of chitin
      • Feed off organic dead matter - they are sacrophytes
      • Have a  mycelium (network of hyphae) which gives a large surface are for absorption
      • Hyphae release enzymes which digest organic matter - fungus absorbs glucose, amino acids, water, minerals...


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