US domestic policy and affairs: 1949-1952

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  • American domestic policy and affairs 1949-1952
    • 1950
      • 25th January: Judge Goddard sentences Alger Hiss  on each of two counts of perjury
      • 9th February: McCarthy accuses more than 200 members of the State Dept. of being communists
      • 1st March: Klaus Fuchs is convicted of supplying info. from the Manhattan Project to the USSR
      • 22nd September: the McCarran Internal Security Act becomes law
      • 21st December: the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee is approved
    • 1949
      • 3rd January: Senate majority becomes Democratic
      • 5th January: Truman proposes the 'New Deal' in his SotU address
      • 20th January: Truman is inaugurated
    • 1951
      • 3rd January: Senate majority is returned Democratic
      • 29th March: Julius and Ethel Rosenberg are convicted of espionage
      • 5th April: the Rosenbergs are sentenced to death by Judge Irving Kaufman
    • 1952
      • 3rd April: the Marshall Plan expires
      • 9th April: the planned day for a steelworker strike, but Truman nationalises the American steel industry hours before
      • 2nd June: the SC rules that Truman lacks the authority to nationalise the American steel industry. The steelworkers proceed to strike for 53 days
      • 24th July: the steelworkers’ strike is ended on essentially the same terms the union had proposed four months earlier
      • 4th November: Eisenhower wins the presidential election against Stevenson; the Senate majority becomes Republican


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