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  • Ambulances
    • Overview: Journey of an ambulance. Happiness taken away by death, death inevitable once in ambulance.
      • Death is ultimate leveller.
        • Death comes for all and will take everyone.
      • Only focuses on bad things about ambulances no good things.
      • Lose of life.
    • 'Closed like confessionals'= don't stay for long time, private, vunerable.
    • 'All streets in time are visited'= all towns and streets will get a visit, all connected by witness of ambulance.
    • 'Then children strewn on steps or roads'= randomness, children not on streets now, working class environment.
    • 'And for a second get it whole'= when you see someone else die makes you question you mortality, shows how fragile life is, life leading to death, death always lurking.
    • 'They whisper at their own distress'= pittying yourself, double sense, its bad but its not you.
    • 'The years the unique blend'=things that make you you, losens and fades once in ambulance.
      • 'It'= person in ambulance de humanised.
    • Last stanza: links to whitsun weddings, disconnection from family.
    • Themes: death, lose, purpose of life, everyday events.


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