Death Larkin

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  • For Larkin in the 'Whitsun Weddings', the details of living are only 'a struggle to transcend the thought of dying'
    • Intro: 'whitsun' confronts own fears concerning death. Routine + ordinary details struggle to distract death. Domestic duties may be all that survives of us
      • fear mortality expressed 'days' meaningless
      • Ambulances living as temporary distraction
      • However, despite pessimistic Arundel tomb = hope resilience.
    • Days
      • reality of death
        • contrast simple register of language and complex reality of death
          • child like questions with hidden meaning
          • 'running over fields' childlike euphemisms for death = foregrounds bleak  reality
        • metaphysical reality of death
          • 'what are days for?- metaphysical probing the very nature of existence
          • 'days exemplifies fears outlining central anxiety living meaningless
        • Cycle nature of death
          • 'come and wake us time and time' mundane unpredictability
          • Death escape routine
    • Ambulances
      • Living temporary distraction from death
        • 'poor souls' selfish sympathy for themselves
        • lives of people protected from 'soliving emptiness' by demands of work chores etc...
          • just distractions never win 'thought of dying'
      • Inevitability of death
        • 'threading' connecting everyone
      • frightening
        • 'closed like confessionals secretive + death are like sins need to be purged
        • 'no glances absorb' inpenatrateable and fearsome
    • An Arundel Tomb
      • Possibility of beauty in death/ hope
        • central metaphor movement through time
        • Tombs survival demonstrates survival through time
      • However it's our instincts that cause this
        • image 'trough' concrete juxtaposes with 'smoke' mystery. Faces vage eroded. Passing nature of romance
      • Possibility that there is more to life than a mere daily routine
    • Conclusion: Larkin addresses own fears routines being astruggle to keep death at bay in 'days' ambulances. Beath inevitable but in 'arudel tomb left that there is hope something more powerful


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