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Chapter 25
This chapter starts off with a short sentence.
`They won't let me in.'
It creates tension, as chapter 24 ends with the shocking discovery which Amir
makes. We sense it is something horrific hence mention of the ambulance; we do
not initially realise what has happened.
This quote illustrates negative feelings, frustration and anger. Amir clearly wants to
see Sohrab , be with him, but he is not allowed. Amir could have thought `They
can't let me in' due to obvious hospital restrictions, but the word used `won't'
shows how helpless he feels.
Similarly the chapter ends with a short sentence, `I ran.'
It is ironic in the sense that Hassan always ran kites for Amir, and now Amir is
running kites for his son, Sohrab. It could be that this is Amir's true way of finally
gaining salvation for his sins. Also, the last time Amir went to look for a kite, his life
changed forever; he found himself turning his back on Hassan and running away
from him, even now he is running away from Sohrab in a physical way, but toward
him emotionally.…read more

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Themes and Images
Religion is mentioned frequently in this chapter as Amir prays for Sohrab's health and
promises to fulfil every prayer, every fast and pilgrimage, only to save him.
The image of sleeping and dreaming is used a lot in this last chapter. When Amir
brings Sohrab to America, `Mostly he slept.' One interpretation is that Sohrab is
sleeping to have dreams where he can remember is old life (which he has
mentioned he wants) his father, so that he is away from his harsh reality, in this
sense he is like Amir.…read more


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