poetry- Frost

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  • Out, out
    • The title connects to Macbeths
      • alludes to Macbeths wife death. depressing
      • exploring the human life and the helplessness that follows
      • imagery of macbeths bloody hands and the boys literal bloody hands
    • doesn't talk about the 'noble' tragic character the way the monk does.
      • rather by leaving him unnamed- insignificant like willy Loman
    • the boy dies; his life stops but the world continues..
      • life  must go on..
    • frost shows no sympathy
      • similarly to hardy detachment
        • Untitled
    • the saw is symbolic of the industrialisation
      • the villain of the story
    • form and meter
      • blank verse
      • iambic meter
      • not married to a specific format
    • speaker
      • frost experienced similar events
      • third person
      • tragic in the fact that the voice
    • setting
      • New England- typical for frost
      • the saw in the presence. it is the setting
      • disturbing setting-not picture perfect.lack of ambulances and hospital
  • Frost
    • father was a journalist
    • met his wife- Elinor white- in high school
    • moved his wife and two children to New Hampshire
    • frost experience his children die, commit suicide, become mental ill and die during child birth
    • credited long country walks for being his inspiration


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