alternative vote

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  • alternative vote
    • elect one person to represent them in parliment
    • rank candidates in order of preference
    • 1) if candidate receives majority
      • they will be elected
    • 2) if no majority
      • one with the least votes is eliminated
        • votes are redistributed
    • 3) repeated until there is absolute majority
    • majoritarian system
    • strengths
      • retains same constituences
        • bond between members and constituents isn't lost
      • extreme parties unlikely to gain support
        • prevents coalition government
      • MPs have support of majority of their constituents
      • prevents MPs elected on minority vote
      • less wasted votes
    • weaknesses
      • doesn't ensure candidate is supported by majority of constituents
      • doesn't give proportionality to parties
      • doesn't give voice to under represented
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