Alienation and Abandonment in Death Of A Salesman

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  • Alienation& Abandonment
    • Ben
      • BEN: Haven't the time, William
      • WILLY [longingly]: Can’t you stay a few days? You’re just what I need, Ben, because I—I have a fine position here, but I—well, Dad left when I was such a baby and I never had a chance to talk to him and I still feel—kind of temporary about myself
    • Willy's Father
      • WILLY: All I can remember is a man with a big beard, and I was in Mamma's lap, sitting around a fire, and some kind of high music
    • Happy
      • HAPPY: I'm losing weight, you notice, Pop?
    • Linda
      • LINDA: I don't say he's a great man... a terrible thing is happening to him... He's not to be allowed to fall into his grave like an old dog...
      • LINDA: I made the last payment on the house today... and there'll be nobody home
      • LINDA: but I tell you he’s put his whole life into you and you’ve turned your backs on him. [She is bent over the chair, weeping, her head in her hands] Biff, I swear to God! Biff, his life is in your hands! (Act 1)
    • Work
      • HOWARD: I don't want you to represent us
      • HOWARD: Where are your sons?  WILLY: They’re working on a very big deal.  HOWARD: This is no time for false pride, Willy. You go to your sons and tell them that you’re tired. You’ve got two great boys, haven’t you? WILLY: Oh, no question, no question, but in the mean time… (Act 2)


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