Outsiders and Outcasts
·    Top Girls – “End up being a packer in Tesco’s” (implying that Angie will never be accepted by Marlene)
·    “When I fell out of favour I had nothing” (Nijo was not accepted by anyone other than the emperor, so when he was gone, she was outcast by his people)
·    “Look kid, I’m busy this morning” (Howard, to Willy – he is not accepted at work; Howard fires him because he is no longer a good salesman)

Religious belief, questioning of religion, and religious hypocrisy
·    “I don’t think religious beliefs are something we have in common” (Marlene)
·    “I tried to understand Buddhism when I was in Japan, but all this birth and death succeeding each other through eternities just filled me with the most profound melancholy.” (Isabella)
·    “Because Angels are without matter, they are not individuals. Every


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