Alfieri AVFTB essay plan

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  • Alfieri AVFTB essay plan
    • Intro
      • Lawyer
      • Acts as a chorus (Saying the events as they happen)
      • Metaphorical bridge: judging both American and Italian values equally
    • P1
      • "Sat there powerless as I"
      • Aware that he couldn't do anything to prevent Eddie's death
      • Accepting of bad things
      • "I'm only a lawyer"
      • He can help, but not change inevitable outcomes
    • P2
      • "There is too much love for the daughter, there is too much love for the neice"
      • Concious of Eddie's feelings
      • Forcefully warning him
      • Aware of Eddie's feelings before he is
      • "Morally and legally, you have no rights"
    • P3
      • "Only God makes justice"
      • Further demonstrateshow he is powerless
      • Shows he can get to people by their "moral anchors" (in this case religion)
      • Acts as a "voice of reason" to people who need it i.e. Eddie and Marco
    • Conclusion
      • Alfieri is aware of his position
      • Is able to  communicate with 2 sides of an argument (Eddie and Marco)
      • He is the "voice of reason" throghout the play (moral guide)


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