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How effectively is Alfieri used in the
play to highlight themes?
Consider Alfieri as:
·A commentator & narrator ­ connecting two cultural views
· Eddie's guide and advisor in his role as a lawyer
·Arthur Miller's mouthpiece ­ giving the writer's views on
Your answer must be justified by reference to the text…read more

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A View from the Bridge
In answering the question you must pay close attention and show
awareness and insight into
plot, character, motive, setting and themes
You must say in your answer
HOW EFFECTIVELY Alfieri is used, not just HOW.
If you simply write about HOW he is used you will be telling the story and
will not get more than a D grade
Throughout this essay you must mention the playwright's intentions.
The question asks how effectively Alfieri is used ­ remember that it is
Miller who uses him.…read more

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A View From The Bridge
Decide which themes you will consider, for example:
· The law and justice
· `The law is only a word for what has a right to happen'
· `Most of the time now we settle for half and I like it better'
· The relationships between characters
· Betrayal
· Eddie's downfall…read more

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Alfieri's interludes
· Go through the play and summarise what Alfieri
says and does each time he appears.These
notes will form the basis of your essay.
· Then consider what Alfieri says in his various
interludes and assess the importance of his
comments on the actions of the play ­ i.e what
he says and his motives or intentions in doing so.
You must write about the effectiveness of Miller
using Alfieri in this way.…read more

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Alfieri's interludes
· P4: introduces idea of Sicilian immigrant community, where justice
and the rule of law were very different, where in the early years of
immigration: `There were many here who were justly shot by unjust
men'. Now, he says, `we settle for half and I like it better'
Alfieri is used here at the beginning of the play to introduce the idea of
the conflict between the law and justice within this community. This
is effective as a means for Millar to set the scene.
At the end of this introductory speech he is used by Miller to forecast
the tragedy at the end and to emphasise its inevitability: `another
lawyer, quite differently dressed, heard the same complaint and sat
there as powerless as I, and watched it run its bloody course.'…read more

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P31: dual role. Firstly comments on Eddie's demeanour as he walked
into the lawyer's office:
`my first thought was that he had committed a crime... soon I saw it was
only a passion that had moved into his body like a stranger'
Alfieri's role is to reinforce the audience's notion that Eddie's actions are
out of the ordinary. Effectiveness?
Alfieri then becomes part of the action in his role as lawyer,
emphasising that Eddie has no recourse in the law to solve his
problems with Rodolfo and Catherine's relationship and his intense
dislike of Rodolfo:
`There is nothing you can do, Eddie, believe me.'…read more

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