GCSE English Literature a View From The Bridge Character Analysis/ Notes

Analysis of Eddie, Alfieri, Catherine, Beatrice, Rodolfo and Marco. Good luck in your exams guys :)

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Characters in A View From the Bridge

Chorus figure/ Narrator

Alfieri has a detached view from the action in the play, he is not involved in much of it, but it a character in the
story when Eddie goes to see him about Catherine and Rodolfo
He is the…

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Characters in A View From the Bridge

Eddie Carbone
Tragic Protagonist

Eddie is 40 years old, an American of Sicilian descent; he is a family man and does whatever he can to provide for
Catherine and Beatrice. He is described as "a husky, slightly overweight longshoreman"
He is the central…

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Characters in A View From the Bridge

Pg. 5: "Listen, you been givin' me the willies the way you walk down the street, I mean it... you're walkin' wavy...
heads are turning like windmill"' ­ Eddie is over protective, but also shows that Eddie's head is turning too,

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Characters in A View From the Bridge


She is Eddie's wife. She has never had children of her own and cares for Catherine as if she were her own
She is a loving, caring person. She is excited by the imminent arrival of her cousins and worried…

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Characters in A View From the Bridge


He is Marco's younger brother, but, unlike Marco, does not have a family back in Sicily
He has platinum hair and is very attractive- Catherine is immediately attracted to him
We do not find out much about Rodolfo throughout the course…


Paul Dutton


Lots of detail in this guide, good information on characters and useful quotes are included.

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