AVFTB Themes

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  • Themes in AVFTB
    • Jealousy
      • Eddie and Catherine
        • Eddie has 'too much love'
        • 'Eyes like Tunnels'
        • Convinced that Rodolpho is stealing [Catherine] away from him
        • 'Oranges on trees where he comes from'
      • Beatrice and Eddie
        • 'It's been six months'
        • 'When am I going to be a wife again Eddie?'
        • Beatrice gives Eddie a 'cold look'
        • Encourages Catherine and Rodolpho to dance
    • Fatherhood
      • Eddie is extremely protective of Catherine
        • Length of Catherine's 'skirt'
        • The way she's 'walking wavy'
        • Catherine talks about Rodolpho: 'he's terrific'
        • Eddie calls Catherine 'Beautiful'
        • 'You can't take no job'
          • Over-protective and doesn't want to lose her
        • 'Finish School'
        • 'All right. Get a job'
          • Wants to make her happy
        • Smiling sadly
          • Doesn't want to risk losing her
    • Protective
      • Eddie and Catherine
        • Talks about her 'skirt'
        • 'Walking Wavy'
        • Tries to separate Rodolpho and Catherine
        • Kisses them both on the mouth after asking Rodolpho to leave
        • Doesn't want her to grow up
        • Stay young and be 'his little girl' forever
        • His property
        • 'You're the Madonna type'
          • Critisises her for doing something that he doesn't like (like getting a job)
      • Marco and Rodolpho
        • Marco lifts the chair to show superiority over Eddie
        • Kills Eddie to protect himelf and Rodolpho
      • Beatrice and Catherine
        • Tells Catherine to grow up and stop acting like a child around Eddie
        • Eddie wants to have Catherine forever but Beatrice stands up to him and defends her
      • Alfieri and Eddie
        • Tries to warn him that something bad would happen if he told the Immigration Bureau about Rodolpho and Marco
        • Warns him about the fight
        • Tells him that there isn't anything that can be done
          • Helpless


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