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  • Alcohol Fermentation
    • Occurs in yeasts, bacteria
    • Glucose --> pyruvate --> acetaldehyde + carbon dioxide --> ethanol
    • Ethanol is the source of alcohol in beer and wine
    • Alcohol dehydrogenase  is a very important enzyme!
      • Converts aceyaldehyde to ethanol (waste product)
      • Recycles NAD+
  • Glucose --> pyruvate --> acetaldehyde + carbon dioxide --> ethanol
  • Lactic Fermentation
    • Occurs when no oxygen
      • Like when you're exercising and the muscle cells are depleted of oxygen
    • Only 1 step! Pyruvate is broken to lactic acid! Energy is released!
      • NADH give up its electrons to form NAD+
    • Glucose --> pyruvate --> lactic acid + energy
    • Replaces aerobic respiration so cells have a source of energy
    • However, this is temporary! Cells need oxygen for sustained activity
    • Lactic acid = pain
    • Yogurt
      • Yogurt produced through fermentation of milk
      • Primary bacteria are Lactobacillusbulgaricus and streptococcusthermophiles
      • Bacteria produce lactic acid in the milk --> decrease pH --> cause it to congeal and give it its flavour
    • Sauerkraut
      • Lactic acid fermentation used to make sauerkraut
      • Bacteria is genus Leuconotoc


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