Unit 3: Atmospheric Pollution - Controls 2

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  • Air Pollution Controls 2
    • Nitrous Oxides
      • Low temperature combustion e.g. fluidised bed combustion makes less NOx
      • Catalytic converters - makes N2 and CO2
      • Urea          (CO(NH2)2) Sprays - urea + NO + O2 makes N2 + CO2 + H2O
    • Smoke
      • Electrostatic Precipitators - gases passed through chamber w/ electrically charged wires - attract and collect smoke which builds up and falls (fly ash)
      • Cyclone Separators - rotate gases and particles are thrown to the side and fall
      • Scrubbers - water spray washes suspended solids
      • Efficient Combustion - reducing incomplete combustion by increasing oxygen levels
    • CFCs
      • Alternatives e.g. HFCs, propan-2-ol
      • Alternative techniques e.g. pump action sprays, trigger action deodrant
      • Correct disposal of waste - fridges should be incinerated, making water and HCl/HF


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