Air Pollution Control

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  • Air Pollution Controls
    • General
      • Montreal Protocol
        • Reduce gases from anthropogenic sources
      • Kyoto Protocol
        • Reduce CFC emissions
      • Clean Air Act
        • Reduce coal burning
      • Environmental Protection Act
        • Limit emissions and regulate integrated contol measures
      • Convention on Long-Range Trans-Boundary Air Pollutiom
        • Control air pollution
      • Reduce energy use
      • Substituted fuels
        • Hydro-treated crude oil removes HS so there are less particulates and gases
    • Specific
      • Sulphur Oxides
        • Wet And Dry Flue-Gas Desulphurisation
          • Alkaline sorbets added to flues to react with sulpher oxides
          • Wet: slurry used and calcium sulphite and water produced
          • Dry: Crushed sorbent and calcium sulphite and carbon dioxide formed
      • Nitrogen Oxides
        • Low temp combustion to prevent oxidation of nitrous compounds to nitrogen oxides
        • Staged burners to control air and fuel flow and prevent formation
        • Catalytic converters reduce to nitrogen and oxygen
        • Urea sprays: effluent gases convert to nitrogen and water
      • Smoke
        • Electrostatic Precipitators
          • Particles pass between electrodes and are charged. They collect on the oppositely charged plate
        • Cyclone Separators
          • Arir is rotated quickly in a cylinde. At top of the cylinder, particles hit the side and fall to the bottom. Rotation radius redues at bottom, removing small particles
        • Scrubbers
          • Effluent gases put in contact with reagent to remove particulates
        • Afterburners
          • Burn off excess VOCs
        • More efficient combustion
      • Methane
        • Reduce landfill use
        • Collect gas during fossil fuel exploration
      • CFCs
        • Alternative material
          • HCFCs as refrigerants
        • Alternative use
          • Pump/trigger action sprays


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