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  • Sentencing
    • Aims of Sentencing
      • Rehabilitation- to reform the offender
      • Deterrence - Puts people off offending
      • Protection of the public
      • Retribution - person who has broken the law shall be punished
      • Reparation
    • Type of sentence
      • Custodial
        • May have a suspended sentence
      • Community
      • Fines
      • Discharges
        • Absolute
        • Conditional
    • Mitigating factors
      • 1st Conviction
      • Young Offender
      • Guilty plea
      • Offer to compensate V
    • Aggravating factors
      • Vulnerable V
      • Breach of trust
      • More than 1 D involved
      • Use of a weapon
      • Offence committed while D on bail


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A great overview of the topic, broken down into relevant topic areas effectively. Great tool to begin revision with, this is something I would recommend to my students.

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