aims of sentencing

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  • Aims of sentencing
    • Rehabilitation
      • Reform offenders behaviour
        • Individual sentence
        • Community order
    • Protection from the public
      • Offender is made incapable of committing   another crime
      • Society is protected from harm
      • Long prison sentence, tagging, banning orders
    • Reperations
      • Repayment to the victim or the community
        • Compensation order
        • Unpaid work e.g. community service
    • Deterrence
      • Individual deterrence
        • Fear of further punishment
      • General deterrence
        • Potential offenders warned with punishment e.g. murder
      • Fines, prison sentence
    • Denunciation
      • Society expresses dis-approval
    • Retribution
      • Sentence must be proportionate of the crime
  • Retribution
    • Sentence must be proportionate of the crime


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An attractive, easy to read mind map on aims - great to team up with revision cards for self testing.

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