Henry VIII Aims at beginning of reign

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    • Establish his status amongst European monarchs through marriage
      • Married Catherine of Aragon on 11 June 1509 - secured an alliance with spain
      • Spain very powerful in Europe
      • Technically  the "marriage" should secure the alliance for a lifetime
    • To re-establish the role of the nobility
      • Nobility joined H8 in his revelry and in War in Northern France
      • Disbanded the council learned in law
      • cancelled 175 bonds and recognizances
      • More political domination at the beginning
      • Ruthless execute Duke of Buckingham early in reign, 1521
    • Re establish himself as a warrior and king through success in battle
      • Went to war at the beginning of his reign against France, 1512
      • Battle of Flodden (Sept 1513)
      • He went to war with France a number of times throughout his reign and sometimes even joined them in alliances against Spain
      • Revelry throughout reign made him fit and healthy for battle


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