Psychology - Aggression studies Theme C

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  • Aggression Theme C
    • Evolutionary Exp. Infidelity + Jealousy
      • Dobash + Dobash
        • Battered women say their partners jealousy is key cause of violence
      • Takahashi et al
        • Bio explanation - brain scanning techniques show by thinking of infidelity - more reactive amygdala
      • Camilleri
        • Link between infidelity of female and sexual coercion of male
      • Tallieu + Brownridge
        • Infidelity linked with abuse while pregnant from partner
      • Shackelford
        • Survey showing link between male retention strategies and violence - SSR
    • Group Displays
      • Foldesi
        • Found link between xenophobia and violent displays among Hungarian football crowds
      • Lewis et al
        • While defending their territory, crowd support was most sig. factor to home advantage
      • Moore + Brylinsky
        • Studied American Basketball games. Played better without spectators. Home team support and territorial dominance not important
      • Watson
        • Warfare not fully explained through evolution. Humans cont. torture after defeat -  consequence of  deindividuation effects


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