Psychology - Aggression studies Theme A

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  • Aggression Theme A
    • Social psychological theories of Aggression
      • Social Learning Theory
        • Philips
          • Daily homicide rates inc. after boxing match
        • Bandura + Walters
          • Children shown video of rocky 1of3 endings. Rewarded/ Punished/None - Shows full ARPM
      • Deindividuation
        • Mann
          • Analysed suicide reports -  Baiting more likely to occur with large crowds at night + distance between crowd
        • Home Office Research Study
          • No reduction in violent crime
        • Gauntlett
          • Most people in society not violent - Found no effect on media interaction
    • Institutional
      • Importation model
        • Harer + Steffensmeier
          • Black inmates higher rates of violence but lower rates of alcohol and drug related misconduct than white inmates - Same as US society
        • Mills et al
          • Newly admitted Inmates in Canadian prison higher levels of alcohol dependance
      • Deprivation Model
        • Blomberg  Lucken
          • Prisoners have to obtain permission to do normal things + cant maintain normal relationships
        • McCorkle
          • Deprivation model not useful - Stronger link with prison management and aggression
            • Megargee
              • Goes against this evidence by finding negative correlation with improved management


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