Ageing population - Advantages and Disadvantages

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    • A high population of elderly people over the age of 65.
      • Fewer people will be unemployed as the percentage of elderly who are retired increases.
      • Some elderly work without pay in places such as charity shops.
      • There will be a growth in the leisure industry with firms wanting to grab the 'grey pound'
      • Pension age will have to increase. At present the old age pension is paid at age 65. This will increase in steps to 68 by 2046.
      • Much greater demand on health care and care homes. People might have to sell their homes to afford these.
      • Taxes are likely to increase to pay for services and pensions.
      • Money spent on education might be cut to spend on the elderly instead.
      • People live longer, and so more houses are needed, using up large amounts of land.


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