Against Belo Monte

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  • Against Belo Monte
    • inefficient
      • low pop. density therefore must be transported
        • costs money
        • lose energy
    • displaces 20,000-40,000
      • many moved outside forests to new environments
        • acute culture shock
      • destruction of culture + knowledge
    • illnesses
      • first contact with outsiders-85% of kayapo died
      • fluctuating water levels in resevoirs = increase in mosquitos = increase in malaria
        • Tucurui dam - 250km SW
    • flooding rainforest
      • liberate methane - more damaging than CO2
      • disrupt local wildlife and ecosystems
    • diversion of 80% of xingu
      • extinction of fish
    • potential devastation of dam breaking
    • not green
      • measurements from dams in Canada and French Guiana
    • cost of construction
    • human rights
      • never consulted
        • right to refuse
      • brazilian law + international human rights
    • economically inefficient
      • 1000mw during 3-4 month low-water season
    • amazon watch and international rivers


Liam Joseph O'Connor


Brilliant revision resource, very clear, and colourful and informative, .. meh who am i kidding , it's just not a textbook so it ticks the box as far as im concerned...

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