AC1.3-Legal change

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  • AC1.3-Legal change
    • definition: when a crime has been left unreported or over reported for a long enough amount of time it consequently leads to a legal change
    • example:  Equality Act 2010 protects those who are being discriminated against in the workplace and is the result of the over reporting of discriminatory acts to make one big act and help fix the problem
    • example:  1976 Domestic Violence Act protected women legally against DV as a result of more women coming out as victims and reporting the crime it looks like a problem that needs solving
    • example: legalisation of same sex marriages in 2015 as a result of the under reporting of homosexuality being seen as crime anymore
    • example: The Police, Crime, Sentencing Courts Act asks for the 1824 vagrancy Act to be revoked in full in England and Wales- 2022
    • stats: estimated that by legalising marijuana it would save $7.7 billion per year for government expenditures
    • positive consequence: police money and resources arent bing wasted on things that arent seen as a crime and arent important
    • negative consequence: if over reported a crime could look worse and like a more widespread problem e.g. knife crime


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