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  • AC1.2- Raep
    • personal: fear/ repercussion, wont be taken seriously or be believed, will be shunned and looked down upon/ if its a family member might break up the family
    • personal reasons: shame/ admit someone did that to you, if its someone you let in and went home with , if drunk
    • personal reasons: disinterest/ victim might know they do not have a strong enough case and so wont bother reliving the trauma and going through all that paperwork for it to go no where
    • personal reasons: not affected/ witnesses might not report as they believe it isn't there place and don't want to overstep and get involved
    • social and cultural: lack of knowledge/ might not know whats happened to them-drunk or even child, dont know the procedures to report something like this
    • social and cultural: complexity/ hard to prove, might be someone they know or even family
    • social and cultural: lack of media interest/ media dont tend to get involved with cases like this and therefore its not seen as something others should get involved in and so they wont report
    • social and cultural: lack of public concern/ public dont get involved think its that persons issue so wont report
    • social and cultural: culture bound/ in some cultures raep isnt a problem and isnt seen as wrong so if it happens they wont report
    • RLE: Harvey Weinstein was found guilty of two counts sexual assault more than two years after the first allegations against him came out
    • stats: Only 1/100 rapes recorded by police in 2021 resulted in a charge that same year


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