AC1.2- Vandalism

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  • AC1.2-Vandalism
    • personal: fear/ as the offenders dont usually go to prison there is a fear of repercussion that they will know that it was you who reported them and they will come back and do worse
    • personal: shame/ embarrassed to make a big a deal about it instead of just getting over it and not waste police time
    • social and cultural: lack of knowledge/ they might not realise they've been vandalised until its too late to report
    • personal: disinterest/ victim cba to go through all the hassle of paperwork so dont report as they dont see the point as it isnt a serious crime
    • personal: not affected/ witnesses wont report as the crime doenst affect them in anyway and again wont go through all the paperwork for no reason
    • social and cultural: complexity/ hard to prove who did it, little to none evidence, police priority
    • social and cultural: lack of media interest/ media dont report so therefore it isn't perceived as being a serious crime and wont get reported
    • social and cultural: lack of public concern/ not seen as serious so wont be reported
    • RLE: 2022-North Tyneside Council reported that their famous Wooden Dolly statue was severely vadalised
    • stats: estimated up to 58%of vandalism goes unreported


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