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  • Women Having Abortions
    • Definitions
      • Abortion
        • The medical process of ending a pregnancy so it does not result in the birth of the baby.
      • Abortion rates
        • Monitor changes in the levels of abortion over time
          • Age-Standardised abortion rate
            • Number of abortions in age group, divided by total of women in age population, times by 1000.
              • Able to compare between different generations/ age groups as it makes it standardised.
          • All abortion rate
            • Number of abortions divided by number of women times by 1000.
    • Abortions in social context
      • The Abortion Act 1967 allows  termination of a pregnancy by a registered medical practitioner under certain conditions.
        • The doctor taking responsibility for the procedure is legally required to tell the chief medical officer.
          • This makes the data on abortions reliable, as the procedure is consistent.
    • Trends and patterns in data.
      • Science 2000 their has been an increase in abortions.
        • Sort of data
          • Statistical/ numberical
            • Quantitative
              • Government data
                • primary?
      • The amount of abortions aged 15-44 has increased by 3% in 2000
        • Source of data came from the Department of health
          • The CMO has to submit an abortion notification form which monitors compliance with the legislation
            • Makes sure statistics are accurate, increases validity.
            • The department of health record information they receive on the forms.
      • From 2009-2010 there has been a 0.3% in abortions.
        • Abortion statistics for 2010 but published in 2011
    • Explanations for trends
      • More socially acceptable to have an abortion, as religion has lost its influence over society due to secularisation
      • Medical and technology developments have meant abortions are more accessible
        • Morning after pill
      • People using less comtraception
    • Potential support for mothers having abortions
      • Post-abortion counselling
        • For women to talk about their feelings and emotions about the abortion they have experienced.
      • British Pregnancy Advisory Service
        • Charity, that offers testing, counselling, STI screening, contraception and advice
    • Advantages
      • Increased women's choice over if they want be pregnant
      • Protects women's health
      • those who cannot finically provide for a child may rather an abortion than let their child be deprieved
    • Disadvanatges
      • Some may think it allows women to be irresponsible, and not take the consequences for their actions
      • Impact on mothers mental heath negatively


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