A View From the Bridge - Opening scene

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  • a view from the bridge - opening scene
    • Alfieri's  speech
      • 'Now we settle for half'
        • prepares us for the fact that Eddie won't compromise or give up what he wants
      • 'its bloody course'
        • foreshadows Eddie's death
    • Eddie
      • "(Eddie is pleased and therefore shy about it)'
        • Eddie is very happy to see Catherine - almost giddy
      • 'I think it's too short, ain't it?'
        • Eddie doesn't want Catherine putting herself out there in front of other men
      • 'You can't take no job. Why didn't you ask me before you take a job?'
        • Eddie wants Catherine to stay under his roof and to rely on him for everything
      • 'Just remember, kid, you can quicker get back a million dollars that was stole than a word that you gave away.'
        • foreshadows the immigration scene
        • Eddie lectures Beatrice and Catherine about Vinny Bolzano who betrayed his family, and yet Eddie does just this as a result of his obsession
    • Catherine
      • '(almost in tears because he disapproves)'
        • Catherine  looks up to Eddie and is upset when she doesn't please him
        • shows is that she really cares about what Eddie thinks about her
      • 'Here! I'll light it for you!'
        • Catherine will do anything to make Eddie happy - even something as simple as lighting a cigarette
    • Beatrice
      • 'I'm just afraid if it don't turn out good you'll be mad at me'
        • Beatrice wants to make Eddie happy
        • she wants the cousin's visit to be as good as it can be, even though they'd have to be cautuious
      • '(She turns and grabs Eddie's face in her hands)'
        • shows that Beatrice really cares about Eddie
      • 'I don't understand you; she's seventeen years old, you gonna keep her in the house all her life?'
        • Beatrice  wants Catherine to grow up and to have her own life without Eddie and Beatrice


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